Jonathan Horvath

I founded Z-Bit Systems to help organizations get the most value out of their physical access control technology. The ideal system is transparent to the user while still providing safe and secure spaces. My focus is to help everyone achieve this goal.

Physical Access Control Expertise

I have over 20 years of access control experience. It started with me taking support calls at Lenel Systems. Since those early days, my knowledge and passion for securing buildings and property has grown.



  • Developed an open source implementation of the protocol
  • Work with SIA to officially verify OSDP hardware
  • Active participant on the OSDP working group

Mercury Hardware

  • Built a complete driver using .NET


  • Integrate hardware products and built software solutions using all the APIs certified by the OAAP program
    • OpenAccess
    • OpenDevice
    • OpenVideo
    • Migration from DataConduit
  • Experience with developing core code base

Other Integration Experience

  • Avigilon™ Control Center
  • Allegion ENGAGE™ wireless locks
  • dormakaba Switch™ Tech locks